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Well it’s been a fun week so far.  Brian and I adopted an Anatolian Shepard mix puppy as a new companion for our black lab Kona, as our Shepard mix of 10 years passed away not to long ago.  It’s been interesting to see so  many traits of Emma that was in our other dog […]

It’s springtime! In case you didn’t know, Sunday was the official first day of spring! I’m super excited, because I absolutely love spring. Don’t get me wrong I love winter too, I love the rain (and Christmas!) But the fun with spring is when you start getting all the blossoms of the trees, more fruits […]

Your wedding day is here!  All your family is here to celebrate with you.  Members from your side and your groom’s side, near, far, even ones you never heard of before.  (trust me, it’s happened!).  The Ceremony is finished, you are ready to greet friends, family, do some portraits, but wait!  Mom, Auntie, Mother in […]