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Friends!  We are so excited to have finally received or promo video back from our friend Billy with Kessler Films!  We started the filming last year and have been anxiously awaiting.  Let me tell you it’s well worth it!  If you are local to the area of the bay area, SF, I highly recommend hiring […]

Silence can lead to deeper thinking.  Well, of course it can.  There are no distractions, your mind gives you time to really evaluate everything in your life.  It’s kind of a “duh Dana”.   I guess I had to just write a post about everything that my mind was able to ponder on this past […]

The morning of our 5 year anniversary (which was Saturday, 4/20) was just as any normal morning.  Woke up from a very small amount of sleep (and those who are a week and a half away from their babies due dates will understand why) made our 2 1/2 year old daughter breakfast and sat next to […]